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Recent statistical evidence from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) agencies (see figures) indicates that in the United States (U.S.) newborn circumcisions among non-immigrant boys have increased over the past 2 decades. The CDC found that the total U.S. newborn circumcision rate rose very slightly (from 64% to 65%) over the two decade period, from 1979-1999, but the breakdown of these statistics is revealing. There have been increases in circumcision among blacks (from 56 to 64%) and in newborns from the Midwest (from 74 to 81%) and the South (from 56 to 61%), areas of the country with the fewest new immigrants. In specific communities very high circumcision rates are being reported: 84% in Atlanta, Georgia, 85% in Houston, Texas, and 92% in a Wisconsin community served by a pediatrician opposed to circumcision.

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